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Authors of The Heart of PsychologyHoward Paul, PhD, ABPP, FAClinP Eduardo Chapunoff, MD, FACP, FACC

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The Heart of Psychology - Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mind

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Reviews & Raves

We have received rave reviews from independent sources and from notable professionals.  The Kirkus review is printed below in almost its entirety.  That is followed by what some notable other leaders in the field of psychology have said about our book:

“THE HEART OF PSYCHOLOGY: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mind A series of conversations between a cardiologist and a psychologist exploring the human heart and mind. Paul (Psychiatry/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School) and Chapunoff (Morbid Obesity: Will You Allow It to Kill You?, 2010, etc.) cover a wide varietyof topics, including psychological disorders (e.g., obsessive-compulsive disorder,posttraumatic stress disorder, ADHD), universal human emotions (sorrow, jealousy, guilt) and societal ills (human cruelty, rape and incest, domestic violence). Neither a self-help book nor an educational text, the collection comfortably inhabits the space between the two.

The text contains a great deal of general information, though there are also sections for practical application (e.g., warning signs that a partner may be an abuser, tips for parents on effective time-out procedures). Readers can browse the chapters in any order they wish without disrupting thematic continuity, and the authors fully explain psychological terms and jargon. On the whole the tone is warm and conversational… Paul and Chapunoff are clearly experts in their fields, but they display a refreshing level of self-awareness and humanity. The text is further enlivened by illustrative case vignettes and pithy statements (e.g., “no level of undistorted thinking can make a bad thing good, but it doesn’t take much to make a bad thing worse”; “happiness is, at some level, making peace with what we do not have.”)  An engaging overview of a variety of psychological topics, presented by accessible experts.”

From Carol D. Goodheart, Ed.D. 2010 President, American Psychological Association:

“The Heart of Psychology lets us listen in on a wide-ranging conversation between two eminent healers about the mysteries of the mind. What drives people to sorrow, anxiety, lies, guilt, greed, and conflict of all sorts, even murder? Read this book and you will find aspects of yourself, as well as those with whom you interact routinely. You will also find understandable, humane, and evidence-based avenues to self-worth and mental health.  It is a welcome addition to every clinician’s bookshelf.”


From Peter Nathan, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Iowa University, Dept. of Psychology 

“The Heart of Psychology, written by Drs. Howard Paul and Eduardo Chapunoff, is well named. A humane book about challenges to the human heart, written accessibly and with much human kindness, it focuses on the heart of psychological conflict, the common travails of adolescence and adulthood that have challenged all of us.”


From Myron Gessner, M.D. Professor Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  

“Dr. Paul shows remarkable knowledge while Dr. Chapunoff shows wonderful insight and sensitivity.  This superb book is insightful, informative, in-depth, yet easy to and fascinating to read. ..It has important information for everyone.”