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Authors of The Heart of PsychologyHoward Paul, PhD, ABPP, FAClinP Eduardo Chapunoff, MD, FACP, FACC

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The Heart of Psychology - Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mind

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Foreword by Arnold A Lazarus, PhD

There is much we will learn by reading this informative book of conversations between Dr. Eduardo Chapunoff, an accomplished cardiologist whose inquiring mind goes far beyond medicine, and Dr. Howard Paul, a seasoned and learned clinical psychologist, who sheds light on questions and issues in an understandable format.

Dr. Chapunoff poses questions about people that many of us may well wonder about, and raises issues that many of us may not have thought about.  Various discussions between Dr. Chapunoff and Dr. Paul provide additional information, as well as food for thought.

If you review the chapter titles in the Table of Contents, you will have an idea of the interesting and important territory these two doctors cover.  A few examples of what they discuss include what lies behind human cruelty, obsessive-compulsive disorders, uncontrollable anger, jealousy, sorrow, guilt, anxiety, greed, self-esteem, stubbornness, bullying, and codependency. The book is also sprinkled with humor, which adds to the joy of reading it.  It is noteworthy that Dr. Chapunoff self-discloses the factors that gave rise to many of his questions, and Dr. Paul draws a distinction between data-based findings and speculative assumptions.

Suffice it to say, perusing their manuscript was an enjoyable and often enlightening experience for me.

Arnold A Lazarus, PhD, ABPP Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Rutgers University President, the Lazarus Institute, Skillman, New Jersey