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Authors of The Heart of PsychologyHoward Paul, PhD, ABPP, FAClinP Eduardo Chapunoff, MD, FACP, FACC

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The Heart of Psychology - Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mind

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The Art and Science of Anger Management


Uncontrollable anger is our most destructive emotion.

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We all experience anger to some degree throughout our lives. When mankind lived in caves and had to fend off predators, the anger response (fight or flight) actually came in very handy.

But in today’s world, predators (for the most part) are a thing of the past, and anger pretty much just gets in the way of living a happy, fulfilling and healthy life. Anger damages us. It hurts relationships, livelihoods, self-esteem, and, most importantly, our health and well-being.

Anger Management and You

In chapter 2 of The Heart of Psychology, Dr. Paul and Dr. Chapunoff discuss the issue of uncontrollable anger from both a psychological and physical perspective. Dr Chapunoff explains the destructive impact that anger has on our bodies, in particular our heart and cardiovascular system. As one of the top 10 cardiologists in the US, he has seen, first hand, what anger can do, and knows the importance of proper anger management.

Dr. Paul offers plenty of insight into what anger is, why it happens, and what can be done to help people manage their anger. He is a mental health professional with a “Black Belt” in anger management. He teaches us plenty about this damaging and seemingly insuppressible emotional response, equating anger to a lifetime case of the “terrible twos”.

Knowledge is power. It is also key to overcoming many problems. Once you know what causes something, you have a much better chance of controlling it. This book is a great read for anyone, and particularly those of us who have anger management issues – or those at the receiving end of angry behavior.